Monday, August 1, 2016

Some nice CW action captured in HD video

It's been a while since I wrote anything on the blog. Life is busy. There are many things keeping me occupied. Life is good. These things include family, work, music, photography, research, writing blogs and much more. But I am still finding time for radio of course. Just not as much as a few years ago!

Some time ago I bought a new lens for my Nikon cameras. It's a 17-55mm f2.8 lens and it's a thing of beauty. As well as helping me to capture some lovely photographs, it's also very nice for video work. So I set it up at the side of the bench here in the shack and decided to record some CW QSOs that I was making with my Scheunemann key. Take a look and see for yourselves:

Friday, June 17, 2016

EJ7NET Tory Island video 2016

EJ7NET Tory activation is QRT - stats

Our activation of Tory is now sadly ended and we have returned home. It was a fantastic five days, and although propagation was a bit hit and miss, the bands provided us with solid action, especially on 30m and 20m where we found good rates at times.

Gordon GM7WCO enjoys a walk along the cliffs during a break in activity.

This activation made history for the EJ7NET group. We made trans-Atlantic QSOs on 6 metres for the first time. We also activated more bands and modes than ever before. We had 9 QSOs on 160m CW and even one on SSB! We had activity on all bands from 1.8 Mhz through to 50 Mhz, and used a variety of modes, including LSB/USB, CW, RTTY, PSK31, PSK63 and JT65.

By the end of the dxpedition we had achieved over 5,000 QSOs, which is by far the best performance of the four years I have been on the islands with the Westnet DX Group.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Video - EJ7NET on 6 metres from Tory Island

This is a short video showing some CW operation on 6 metres (50 Mhz) during the EJ7NET activation of Tory Island, Co. Donegal. We managed over 350 QSOs on this band, including about ten into the United States, all using a two-element HB9CV beam.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rolf HB9DGV activating Tory lighthouse

On Monday, one member of the EJ7NET team, Rolf HB9DGV, went to the lighthouse on the island and activated it using his KX1. Rolf is a huge proponent of SOTA and portable activations, and while there are no registered SOTA peaks on the island, there is a lighthouse (ref IRE-075). You can see Rolf's photos of his various activations on his Flickr page here:

While at the lighthouse, he made eight QSOs using 5 watts and a portable wire dipole.

Monday, June 13, 2016

North America on 6 metres from Tory Island

Today was a great day on the bands, particularly on 6 metres, where we managed several QSOs into the United States in the afternoon. This was achieved with a HB9CV two-element beam at about 15 feet. As of this moment, we have over 200 QSOs on 50 Mhz since yesterday, which is fantastic.

Some of the North American stations we worked on 6 metres today.
The 50 Mhz contacts into the USA were not all easy. It took some time to get K1TL into the log. In fact I'd safely say it took 10 to 15 minutes to complete the QSO. Some stations were easier to hear and work. We were ecstatic at getting one in the log, but we ended up with six or seven NA QSOs. And all the time we were beaming NA, we were still working Europeans, some from Italy, Spain and France, but some from other areas. We worked a couple of Scandinavian stations off the back of the beam.

The EJ7NET 6 metre station on Tory Island.
Elsewhere, we have been plugging away on the HF bands. We had some activity on 20m, 17m and 15m today, with occasional pile-ups and also occasional dry periods. As of this moment, we have over 2,000 QSOs in the combined logs, which is not bad at all. Conditions on 20 and 15 are interesting. A lot of UK and Netherlands stations were strong on those bands today, while everyone else was comparatively weak. Last night (Sunday), we had some nice action on 40m SSB.

Weather today has been largely overcast, with drizzle at times. Generally typical Irish weather. Rolf HB9DGV activated the lighthouse on the island as EJ/HB9DGV/QRP.

EJ7NET - a few pictures from our visit to Tory Island

Deliberations on the vagaries of propagation.
Barry GM3YEH operation on 17 metres.

Rolf HB9DGV working 30 metres CW.

Liam EI7DSB on 20 metres SSB.

Anthony EI2KC catches some action on 40 metres SSB.
Declan EI6FR operating the 6 metre station, where we had over 100 QSOs.

Our chef, Tony EI3HA, serves up Sunday roast.