Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some nice DX worked in recent days

I've worked some interesting DX over the past couple of days. Not content with working Europe, I found myself trying to pick out interesting prefixes and some of the slightly rarer and farther stations. Following my great run with YI9PSE in Iraq (he has only credited me with 6 of our 7 QSOs, oh dear) I found myself looking for stuff that was slightly off the beaten track. And I got a bit of it. Here's some of the stations I've worked in the past three or four days, following the winding down of YI9PSE:

3W6C - Con Co island, Vietnam, DXpedition. I mentioned that already. Got him on 30M CW
EX2A - Kyrgyzstan - 30M CW
6W1SJ - Senegal - 30M CW
CN8KD - Morocco - 17M CW
EI4KC - not DX but my friend Brian who passed the morse test on the same day as me and has a similar callsign!!
VO1HP - Newfoundland - 30M CW
VQ9LA - Chagos Islands, Indian Ocean - 30M CW (Particularly delighted with that one!)
7X4AN - Alergia - 20M CW
ER1DA - Moldova - 30M CW
EX8MLE - Kyrgyzstan - 20M CW
FM5FJ - Martinique - 20M CW
VP9KF - Bermuda - 20M CW and 40M CW!!!
5N50K - Nigeria - 30M CW
VO1MCE - Newfoundland - 40M CW

As you can see, I'm doing well on 30M. It's CW only, which is great. I was still hearing signals on 30M up until midnight tonight (Wednesday night). Great stuff.

My best station of the above has to be 3W6C. I might not get to work them again. They had some difficulties on the island and now have a reduced setup, with no antennas for 160M or 80M. I will try to nab them on another band but it will be a challenge.

Here's my up-to-date stats:

CW: 113 countries worked
Phone: 103 countries worked
US States worked: 44 out of 50
AG eQSL: 51 countries confirmed
Total QSOs logged: 1,900

I recently received some QSL cards from the bureau. I will make a video about that for the next update hopefully. In the meantime, best DX . . . and, try to get some sleep, roger!!

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  1. How are you getting on with your QSL cards for EI8GHB?? Have you sent them all out via the Buro yet??
    How many EI2KC cards have you sent out so far???
    I bet all those people you worked are all excited with getting your card!


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