Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jan Mayen Island JX5O DXpedition begins

Jan Mayen Island from where JX5O will operate
For all those DXers and DX chasers out there the good news is that the JX5O Jan Mayen Island Dxpedition has begun. The team of ops is QRV this morning on 14 Mhz CW. Jan Mayen Island is part of Norway but is situated pretty much in the middle of nowhere in the Arctic Circle and lies some 600km northeast of Iceland.

The team plans to be QRV on bands from 40m through to 6m. There will be no activity on 160m or 80m because it is "polar day" up there - in other words, the sun is up 24 hours a day at the moment.

If I can work them it will be a brand new DXCC for me, and it would be very nice to nab them on 6m if at all possible. You can find out more about the DXpedition, plus the team, the proposed operation frequencies and much more information at the official JX5O website:

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