Friday, December 16, 2011

EI2KC being worked from a field in Ukraine!

Interesting video showing some Ukranian hams working 10 metres with 5 watts from a field! They worked me also, at around 16:36 in this video. I was running 100 watts into an Antron 99 at the time. Just shows how great conditions on 28Mhz have been.


  1. Great video Tony, how did you know about this? Did they e-mail you or did you hit this by coincidence? You were very loud there. Didn't see what kind of antenna they used. But I guess they had a wire in one of those trees nearby. The FT817 is great for portable use. Glad I got one. 73, Bas

  2. Well Anthony that is very cool and how did you find out about this contact and that it was a Youtube Video.

  3. Bas/Mike, a work colleague was asking me about amateur radio so I showed him a few of my videos on YouTube and this one came up at the end of one of the videos. I saw EI2KC so I clicked through!! That day I was just running 100 watts into an Antron 99. Conditions have been that good on 10m!


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