Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Swains in the log on 30m CW

I was the happiest ham alive this morning when, with all of Europe calling the NH8S Swains dxpedition, they picked my call out of the pile-up!! It took a while to work them. They were on 10.103, listening approx 3kc up, but I worked them 2.5 kc up. They kept calling "EI2 EI2" and of course I was QRMed but I just kept giving my call and eventually I heard EI2KC 5NN ! So I gave them 5NN and TU. So thrilled. I spent the rest of the morning with a smile on my face!!

I did not have time to make a video recording as I had to leave the kids to school. That was slot number four for me. They were strong for a while on 15m CW for a while in the middle of the day but I was not able to break the pile on that occasion. But I will keep trying for more slots . . .


  1. Great news regarding NH8S and I just found out this evening it does not count as a DXCC!! I have not been able to hear NH8S just the pileup that forms up the band calling them.

    1. Mike, have you tried the low bands during the dark hours? You might hear them on 40 metres?

  2. NH8S will count for DXCC just not Diamond DXCC as it wasn't a separate entity back then,

    Your doing good Anthony I'm not sure where I stand until the update the log allready have a busted QSO on 15m and the pile ups there are some of the biggest I have ever seen,



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