Monday, November 26, 2012

CQWW CW 2012 - EI2KC claimed score!

I have just finished my participation in the CQWW CW contest 2012 and I have to report that it was fantastic for me. With just a 26-foot Butternut HF6V multiband vertical antenna, I managed to work 580 QSOs over the course of the weekend on 80 metres alone. I was participating as single band high power assisted on that band. I worked 65 DXCC and 15 zones. I think my zone count could have been a little bit better but I have no regrets with a claimed score of 60,560.

I just checked my log and it turns out I managed to work five new DXCC on 80m during the past 48 hours, bringing my total worked on that band to 123, so I am chuffed with that. I used the N1MM contest logging software and the interface is the CG Antenna SB-2000, which worked flawlessly.

The work I did on the Butternut on Friday paid off. The antenna can be made to resonate on any portion of the 80m band by sliding the 80m coil up and down. With a flat SWR of 1:1 the Acom managed 1,200 watts at one stage with 0 watts reflected.

Saturday evening was quiet on the band, but Sunday evening was a different story! As all the higher bands began to close, with the contest finishing at midnight, the multi band ops found their way down to the low bands, including 80m, where I had significant action at times. I ran a couple of pile-ups during the course of Sunday evening, and at one stage my rate was 88 QSOs per hour. Very nice, especially for this modest station in a small garden in the middle of a housing estate!

Anyway, I hope that those of you who participated enjoyed yourselves. It certainly was a great pleasure for me, and because 80m is generally poor during the day. I was able to spend some time with the family too!!


  1. Well done Anthony 80m is a band I never spend much time on and my DXCC total shows,

    I was visiting WX0B in Dallas today hope you managed to work them in the contest,

    What a super station Jay has,

    Good luck with ZL9 I will miss most of it but hope to catch the last few days


    1. Trevor,

      Until last winter I hadn't done a huge amount on 80m either. But when you're on a small property like mine you don't have much room for antennas for the low bands! The Butternut has done a great job for its size - and its age!! You should make up a dipole for 80m, although you would have to make it so you can adjust the length for both ends of the band. Either that or make a vertical for 80m.

      Great to hear that you are at WX0B. I didn't work Jay on 80m, not sure if he was on that band? I did. however, work plenty of US stations. I hope you enjoy your trip to Dallas.

      I am looking forward to ZL9HR here but it will be a challenge, there's no doubt!!

      Talk soon.
      EI2GLB de EI2KC

  2. Great work Anthony, 80m is not an easy bands and can be subject to propagation challenges. I had my K3's ATU talking to my dipole and I had plans on getting on 80m to see how the radio did but as chance would have it I did not get an opportunity to to that. Great score and good to hear how the vertical stepped up to the challenge.

    1. Mike,

      I was really surprised - and delighted - with its performance. I only have three radials under it, the longest being 66ft. I think band conditions must have helped, because I could hear China at one stage, and EL2A (although I could not work them). Sorry to hear you couldn't make it on, but who knows, maybe you and I will have a QSO on 80m one of these nights???


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