Saturday, April 20, 2013

My first mobile HF contact into Japan!

EI2KC pictured chatting with JH0JDV on 17m
SSB on the Icom IC-746 from the car.
I decided to do a bit of mobile HF operation today, taking advantage of the fine day that it was, and giving the kids an opportunity to have a run around the place! I went to Bellewstown, a hill about five miles south of my home town of Drogheda. I brought the Icom IC-746 which has an internal ATU, and used just the Watson Multi-Ranger whip as the antenna.

Running 100 watts only, I was able to pick up some strong European stations, and then a couple a little further afield, in Russia. I was calling CQ on 18.153 USB. Suddenly I could hear a strong Japanese station calling me. He was JH0JDV, Ely San in Ojiya city. He was a decent 59 signal, sounding strong, with very little in the way of QSB.

We had a chat for a few minutes, and he was able to copy everything I said. I had thought perhaps the conditions weren't great, but this contact proved me wrong. Of course, Ely has a big station with nice antennas, so his signal would be good anyway!

It was an enjoyable hour. I brought the CW key but didn't do any morse. I wanted to see how well I would get out on phone, and was happy enough with my first mobile (phone/SSB) contact into Japan. Note: I had previously worked JA on 17m CW from the car!!

This is me on Bellewstown Hill. Note the Watson whip on the roof.
eQSL confirmation of our QSO !


  1. Hello Anthony, great contact from your mobile. I previously used a watson multiranger as well as you probabely know and made some nice contacts with it. But since I use my home made mobile antenna converted from an old DV27 antenna I don't use it anymore. I only operate 5W QRP from the car. May be one day I got some spare money to buy a bigger rig for the car. Always great to work DX from the car. 73, Bas

    1. Bas, it took me a while to disconnect the 746 from the main shack, but it was worth it ! I enjoy a bit of mobile/portable HF. I think the bands were not that good. There were very few big signals on 17m and not that much on 20m either. However, I was very happy to work Japan. Got me out of the house for an hour !! I am reading aot your JT9 exploits with interest . . . that's something I am going to have to try out.


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