Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weather terrible, but band conditions good

Just in case you thought all I was doing was taking photos and blogging,
here's a photo of me operating on 20cw, with Liam on 40 SSB behind.
It's the second day of our operation at Gola Island and the EJ7NET team is in good form. The QSO rate on 20m and 30m CW this morning was pretty good. Declan EI6FR was first up (as usual!) and was on 30 cw. I joined a while later on 20 cw and found the going pretty good. There is slow fading of some signals but generally Europe and Russia were reasonably strong, and there was a good few QSOs from the UK as well.

The weather is terrible. It's raining heavily and has been for several hours. However, this has not dampened team spirits, especially with decent propagation. We are about to set up the 6 metre beam so hopefully we might make a few QSOs on that band during our activation.

We have passed 1,000 QSOs already which is great. We're hoping band conditions will remain good so that we can work as many of you as possible.

My view from the 20m CW station!


  1. Glad to work you on 40. QSL info?

  2. Hi guys,
    Hope all well at your end, thanks for the nice Q's, and please tell Rolf that it's raining cats and Dogs here as well.....
    Very best of 73 and hpe to cuagn on higher bands

    1. Thanks Bernie. And thanks for the QSOs. Rolf is in good form. The weather today is windy but the sun is trying to come out and it's stopped raining!

  3. Tnx qso, operated qrp 5 W to an windom antenna. ur sigs realy strong here. 73 de SM5MEK.


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