Sunday, December 6, 2015

Enjoying some European contacts using JT65 on 80 metres

I had a little bit of fun on 80 metres tonight using the low power JT65 mode. Having chased some of the special event IARU and YOTA call signs during the day, I found the bands a bit dead this evening and decided to see if anyone was on JT65. To my surprise, 3.576 was quite busy with signals. So I gave it a go.

The above video was made while making a QSO into England during a good run of contacts. I had eight QSOs tonight - which might not sound like much - but every QSO on JT65 takes at least four minutes, so it's not bad. I had contacts into England, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria. All QSOs were made with 14 watts from my transceiver, transmitted into my home brew 80 metre inverted v dipole.

All of the stations that heard my signal on JT65, reported on

My small signal was heard all over Europe and even in the United States, as you can see from the above map. One of the great joys of using JT65 is because it's a slow-paced, relaxing mode, you can do something else while making contacts. In this case, I was making a YouTube video! The "live" recording caught me unawares towards the end!

A portion of my log today, showing a lot of IARU and YOTA SES contacts.

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  1. Very nice Anthony. Little difficult to concentrate on your voice with the JT65 signals on the background. Anyway, I use JT65 a lot although I prefer SSB. But in the evening I normally don't want to make too much noise. The great thing is that you can easily operate JT65 from a remote computer. In my case I'm not in my shack but in the living room together with my XYL. And indeed, you can do some other things in the mean time. Another great thing is the amazing distance you reach with very low power, you show that in your video. Unfortenately I was not on 80m yesterday evening as I concentrate on the new 60m for now. Most used mode JT65. 73, Bas


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