Saturday, June 11, 2016

The EJ7NET team has arrived on Tory Island, Co.Donegal

The EJ7NET Westnet DX Group has arrived safely on Tory Island (IOTA EU-121) and we are currently erecting antennas. The QTH is fabulous and has great take-off over the ocean in most directions. It is extremely scenic here, with views towards the mountains on the mainland. Our ferry trip was very calm and the weather has been fantastic so far.

A panorama showing antenna setup on Tory Island.
One station is already up and running, with Gordon GM7WCO operating on 30 metres CW. Tony EI3HA, our chef, is preparing dinner.

This year's team is as follows: Declan EI6FR, Tony EI3HA, Dermot EI5IQ, Liam EI7DSB, Anthony EI2KC, Bernie HB9ASZ, Rolf HB9DGV, Barry GM3YEH, and Gordon GM7WCO.

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