Monday, September 14, 2009

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - More Questions and points

I'm finding it a useful exercise, when doing the QADV questions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, to try to draw the circuit diagrams for the following, in order to help me better remember them:

Band-stop filter
Band-pass filter
High-pass filter
Low-pass filter

Perhaps you might benefit from the same exercise?

Here's a point which you might need to know for the EMC questions:

What is another name for a notch filter? The answer is a Band Stop Filter.

Band pass filters are constructed using:

a) capacitors alone
b) transistors and resistors
c) capacitors and inductors
d) diodes and inductors

The correct answer is c) capacitors and inductors.

Another name for 'blocking' (something that a very strong signal can cause in a receiver) is:

a) de-sensing
b) decoupling
c) attenuating
d) supressing

The answer is a) de-sensing.

If you thread a ferrite bead onto a wire, it increases the inductance of the wire.

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