Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new method to remember the small units !

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OK, I was sleeping on this last night. I became a wee bit agitated, nay worried, in recent days about how I would remember the small units. You know, those tiny little parts which are measured in milli and micro and nano and pica? Yes indeed. Those. Well, I came up with a ridiculously simple and slightly bizarre way of remembering the order of them.

You see, when it comes to test day, you might be asked to calculate the total capacitance based on a 20 µF capacitor in series with a 100 nF capacitor. Now looking at the two sample papers, it seems that the trend is to stick to one measurement, ie in sample paper rev.3 you were asked what was the overall capacitance of a circuit with three capacitors all measured in nF. However, it is well to know this stuff just in case.

So here is my silly method. Just think of the following statement:

Man United No Players
Man United's New Players
Man United No Problem

(If you're not a Man U fan perhaps you could make something up yourself. Suggestions welcome!)

Man = m = milli = 10 to the power of minus 3 = .001
United = µ = micro = 10 to the power of minus 6 = .000001
No = n = nano = 10 to the power of minus 9 = .000000001
Players = p = pico = 10 to the power of minus 12 = .000000000001

OK, admittedly the symbol for micro is not a u, but rather that funny looking µ . However, you get the point!

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