Sunday, September 18, 2011

A brief summary of an extraordinary day

Yesterday, Saturday, with the sunspot number at 173 and the solar flux index at 143, it was always likely to be a good day on the bands. 12 metres opened early in the day and was still open here to South America at 10.30pm local time. 10 metres gave me no less than eight new DXCCs on that band, and I managed to get some new ones on other bands too. Here is a brief summary of my efforts:

YS3CW in El Salvador gave me a brand new country today
New Zealand 20 CW
New Zealand 17m CW
Grenada J3 20m CW
Azerbaijan 10m CW
Kazahkstan 10m CW
Thailand 12m & 10m CW
Hong Kong 10m CW
Bahrain 10m SSB & CW
West Malaysia 10m SSB
Madagascar 10m SSB
West Malaysia 10m CW
Singapore 17m SSB
Trinidad 12m SSB
Brunei 17m CW
Guyana 12m SSB
El Salvador 12m CW
Panama 12m SSB
Isle of Man 10m CW
Guadeloupe 12m CW

Singapore and Guyana were both brand new countries for me. It really was a brilliant day to be on the bands. Lots of other EIs are reporting similar successes with new ones on various bands. Well done to all.


  1. Hello Anthony, fantastic DX. Propagation is booming I see. Hope it is the same next weekend in the CQWW RTTY contest. I had no time to be on te radio this weekend. 73, Bas

  2. Fingers crossed Bas. Saturday was one of the best days I've ever had on radio. A great day to be on the bands. And I didn't even watch Ireland play rugby!!

  3. Conditions the following weekend (24th/25th) were also excellent. From a modest portable setup in Cambridge I worked lots of stations, including a 59 from Brazil - in a pile up! Great days...


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