Monday, September 26, 2011

CW with a computer mouse - I love this guy!

This is PY2MAJ CQing with an, aghem, home-brew CW key, made out of a computer mouse. I've seen all sorts of improvised CW keys and this is one of the novelty keys that I like best. It puts the idea into my head to make another CW key from something unusual. I once saw a video of Brendan EI1429, a short wave listener, who had made a straight CW key from a computer hard drive. Yes, you read right! 

I would gladly take ideas from my readers for a suggested CW key home-brew project. Comments below please or drop an email to hamradioireland (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Hi Anthony, great video! How about a cool glove with some mercury switches on and you do some hand gesture to key the morse?! Have to be careful where you position the switches or the gesture could be rather rude! If you wired a whole body suit up with these switches, you could even "dance" morse! The music in the background for those not in the know is Canon by Pachelbel. 73 DE Mike M0SAZ

  2. Wow, just had a look at the video comments and it seems I commented on that video 2 years ago (a120068020). I forgot I had even seen it!!! Small world. Mike M0SAZ


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