Thursday, June 14, 2012

The receive on my IC-735 is gone quiet

I have a problem with my Icom IC-735. The RX is gone very quiet. I can still hear stations but the needle hardly moves at all. I am still able to TX and being heard quite well in G and EU but there's something amiss with the RX.

I read on the internet that poor RX can be related to a dry or cracked solder joint where the RX socket meets the main unit board. So I re-touched all the joints and still no improvement.

I love the IC-735 and especially the sensitivity of it. I would love some help in diagnosing and fixing this problem. Any help is welcome.


  1. Good evening Anthony, sorry to hear about the radio I was wondering if there was a Yahoo (or other) groups site were you may find some help. Do keep us up to date of the progress.

  2. Lesson for today.... do not leave an antenna plugged into your second HF radio when you operate your main rig, especially when both antennas are only a few meters apart and you are using the maximum legal 400 watts!!!! This happened to me with a different Icom some years ago(and I was only using 100 watts).


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