Thursday, June 7, 2012

Very glad to catch A5A Bhutan on 40m

I am extremely happy to have worked the A5A Bhutan dxpedition on 40m CW this evening, just an hour before they went QRT. It gives me a new country on 40 metres, and gives me a total of seven slots with A5A, which I am extremely happy with. I had A5 worked on a few bands before this dxpedition, but I have filled out new bands and slots which I am very happy with. Of the seven slots worked, six were on CW, and one on SSB.

Also, I have not been as active on radio this past couple of weeks, as the deadline for my new book 'Newgrange - Monument to Immortality' is looming (in July) so I am concentrating on that.

But very happy with A5A on seven slots. Thanks guys!

Also worked tonight was OA4DX (Peru) for a new DXCC on 17m (CW) and also D3AA in Angola for a new DXCC on 40m, also on CW.

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  1. Good morning Anthony, great work on getting A5A and D3AA I have seen them on the spotting networks but out this way just am not able to hear them at all. Good luck with the book.


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