Sunday, May 12, 2013

A great day on the bands for EJ7NET

It's the end of my first day with the EJ7NET team here on Inis Mór, and what a fabulous day it's been. There's been lots of radio, lots of chat, and some very nice food eaten, thanks to our chef, Tony Casey EI3HA. Tony cooked a beautiful spaghetti bolognese for us this evening which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Declan rescues our dipole from the jaws of the horse!
We had a funny incident when, while some of us were chatting outside, we noticed a horse chewing on the rope holding our multi-band dipole. Declan EI6FR made a quick dash to rescue the antenna rope from the animal before he was able to cause any serious damage!!!

On the bands, things have been good. 30 metres CW picked up from tea time onwards, with a steady rate being worked. 17 metres CW has been phenomenal, with a constant stream of Japanese stations, along with some US and some EU being worked, even at this late stage. I was able to grab a mic and give some EIs and some Gs a chance on 40m SSB which was thoroughly enjoyable.

You can hear some audio of me working on 40m SSB at this link:

Gordon GM7WCO operating on 30m CW
Above all, we have had great companionship. As the newcomer to this group, I have been made very welcome, and have enjoyed very interesting conversation about our wonderful hobby. The atmosphere here is nice and relaxed. There are ten operators in total, with three stations running, so there is no particular pressure on any one individual.

We hope to do some sightseeing tomorrow, including an ancient wedge tomb which is located not far from our QTH here. Right, good night all, from Inis Mór, Aran Islands, EU-006. Hope to work ye tomorrow!

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