Saturday, May 11, 2013

Arrived safe and sound on Inis Mór

I have arrived safe and sound on Inis Mór for the EJ7NET IOTA activation on EU-006. The ferry sailing was interesting - a bit rough - but I got here to bright sunshine and blue sky. Just as I entered the shack, which is located in a thatched cottage on a good elevation overlooking the Atlantic, members of the team were hearing the Jan Mayen 50 Mhz beacon, JX7SIX. However, apart from one QSO with a 6m station in Ireland, we did not enjoy an E opening.

Rolf HB9DGV working 20m CW
With the CQM contest on both CW and SSB, we are having a challenge finding space on the band for a 100 watt, small antenna setup. We have had a bit of action on 17m SSB, 30m CW and 20m SSB. On 17m, we have worked Alaska. On 30m, it's been mostly EU so far.

The broadband is a bit hit and miss, but I will do my best to give regular updates. The other ops are very welcoming, and our resident chef, Tony EI3HA is already working on our evening meal. The soup and wrap on arrival were just beautiful. It is doing a few showers here, but by and large it's sunny, if a bit cool and very very windy.

Hopefully when the CQM contest is finished we will get some action on 20, 15 and 10, but there is a solar flare incoming, so we will have to see how propagation plays out.

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