Monday, March 7, 2016

Some very nice eQSLs received recently

I've received a few new eQSL cards in the past week, having done a log upload. I've gone from 201 countries confirmed via eQSL to 206. Now I know it's not an "official" QSL service, but I like using it, and I especially like the virtual cards that you get, which is something I think LoTW could incorporate. Probably the best of the bunch was the above card from Pat when he was active in St. Brandon. He gave me a brand new DXCC with that contact on PSK63, and I'm very proud of it. I've recently sent him a direct card too so hopefully I will receive a physical QSL from him.

Some of the other cards received are below. I'm also very delighted to have received an eQSL from Willis Island.

T32DX - East Kiribati.

VK9WA - Willis Island dxpedition November 2015.

Special event call sign VK100ANZAC from Australia.

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