Wednesday, March 23, 2016

T88IR Palau finally logged on RTTY after three-day battle!!

Above is a video I made just a few minutes after working T88IR, Palau Island in the Pacific, on 20 metres RTTY. This has been a three-day struggle for me. I had tried unsuccessfully to log him yesterday and the day before. Today, despite the fact that the pile-up was the biggest I've seen, I eventually managed to get him in my log after about half an hour of trying. As you can see, I had a good decode on him. I worked him about 3.5 Khz up. This was a great joy for me, as I've recently been trying to improve my digital tally and have put more effort into this goal, especially since setting up MMVARI for use within Logger32. 

I was rewarded with a similar chase last night, when I managed FH/F2DX on 30m RTTY. I had been chasing him on 30m CW last night and the previous night with no success. The fact that I got him on RTTY meant that I had a new country on 30 metres and a new country on digital modes, which was nice.

My digital total now stands at 171 countries worked.

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