Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guam, New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia and Tanzania all worked

Above is a video showing KH2/N2NL on Guam in the Pacific working a pile-up into Europe. Moments before this video was taken, I had worked him, making only my second ever contact with Guam and a new one for me on 15m. I had worked the same station back in April on 10 metres during a brilliant opening, also on CW.

I was surprised at how strong David was coming in. I had been pointing my MA5B minibeam towards the north-northeast but when I beamed south-southwest he came up stronger and it was in that direction that I worked him. It took me about ten minutes of calling but eventually he gave "EI ? EI?" and I gave my call a couple of times and he came back with EI2KC and my progressive number. He was working the WAE Worked All Europe contest. As you can see from the video, he was a 579, quite strong for the pacific on a minibeam which is only up about 25 feet.

The WAE is one of those great contests which gives operators like myself a chance to work some good DX. Yesterday I worked 5H3EE on 20m CW, a new country on that band. I worked two stations in Australia, VK2IM on 20m and VK4CT on 40m. I was particularly proud of the 40m contact. In between those I had worked YB1ALL on 40m CW, a new country on that band. But then I worked ZM1A in New Zealand on 40m, which was the highlight of the weekend so far. I have only ever worked ZL on 20m so to get a ZL on 40 was a great achievement. I'm thrilled. All the 40m contacts were worked with 100 watts and my homebrew inverted V. On the higher bands it was my Cushcraft MA5B and 100 watts that did the trick.

There's still a good few hours of the contest left to run, so I will see if I can pick up any more interesting DX. You should do the same!

Addendum: I also managed to nab T6MO, a new one on 40m (CW),  KH7X on 20m CW, a few Japan stations on 20m CW,  VE7CC in western Canada (he came back to my CQ!), FM5CD and CE3FZ and also PJ2M.

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  1. Hello Anthony, nice the antennas are doing a good job. I heard more good reviews about the MA5B and considered one myself on my previous QTH. You made some nice DX, good luck with the contest. 73, Bas


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