Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some commentary on ST0R Southern Sudan Dxpedition

It really is tough going trying to work those guys in Southern Sudan, the ST0R dxpedition. Here I will try to provide some commentary as the last week of their operations gets under way.

Monday August 1st: Thought I had them in the log on 20m CW, but had my doubts because I heard CC instead of KC. I am NOT in the log!!

Tuesday August 2nd 9.40pm: Trying again on 15m CW after doing an hour at tea time. They were strong but then started calling North America. That has happened a number of times. When they are at their strongest they seem to work non-EU. Same on 12m just a short while ago. They were strong but only working NA.

Wednesday August 3rd 00.45: Calling him on 20m SSB. Eventually I heard "who is the Echo India 3". I gave my call a couple of times (because my call is regularly mistaken for EI3KC) but then he worked someone completely different who was not an Echo India. Giving up for the night. Still only one QSO.

Wednesday August 3rd 08.45: Tried briefly on 20m CW but he was weak and I had to go to work.

Wednesday August 3rd 19:19: Yyesss!! Got him on 20m CW after half an hour of trying. The pile-ups are beginning to thin out. He is working between 14.026 and 14.027 and doesn't seem to be drifting outside that QSX area. I worked him on 14.026. QSO number 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday August 3rd 20:00:  Yyeesss!! Just got him in the log on 17m SSB. Working split listening 10 up on 18.155 USB. QSO number 3.

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  1. Anthony it must be very frustrating, the other night I was listening to them on 40 meters. The pileup was unreal. A QRP station such as mine would not stand a chance....even if they just wanted North America.


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