Wednesday, April 11, 2012

9M0L Spratly Island dxpedition worked three times

I have taken a week off work so that I can get busy writing my new book on Newgrange which is due to be published in the autumn. I have been doing less radio as a result. However, with the 9M0L Spratly Island dxpedition starting today I could not stay away from radio! Besides, I made some good progress on the book in the past couple of days, so I treated myself to a bit of radio.

The 9M0L Spratly operators
I was thrilled to nab 9M0L on 17m CW after an hour of trying, and them some time later I got them on SSB also. As this was a brand new DXCC, the delight was all the sweeter.

I did manage a QSO on 20m CW also, at around 9.34pm, but unfortunately they busted my call and gave me "EA2KC 5NN 5NN". I tried to correct it by giving my own call a few times but he had moved on to the next QSO. So maybe I will have to work them again on 20 metres, who knows? Nevertheless I am sure I am in the log on 17 metres so it's a thrill to have this new one.

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