Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fantastic weekend at IRTS 80th celebrations

We had a fantastic weekend at the 80th anniversary celebrations of the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS). By we, I mean the members of Dundalk Amateur Radio Society (EI7DAR) who were hosting the events at the Fairways Hotel in Dundalk.

EI5DI Paul O'Kane talks about his SD contest logger
On Saturday night there was a celebration dinner, which featured, among other luminaries PB2T, Hans Blondeel Timmerman, the President of IARU Region 1. Speakers included IRTS President (outgoing) Paul Martin EI2CA and EI7DAR Chairman Thos EI2JD, in addition to Marianne Butler, Chairperson of Dundalk Town Council. During his visit, Hans PB2T visited the shack of Thos EI2JD to activate EI and then he visited the shack of GI4SZW Seamus, to activate GI. These were the 59th and 60th DXCCs that Hans has activated.

Then on Sunday there was a radio rally followed by the annual general meeting of the IRTS. The rally was well attended in a big venue and everyone seemed happy, including the traders, who flogged some ham kit and made a few bob.

There was a very interesting talk about his contesting software (SD) by Paul O'Kane EI5DI.

At the AGM of IRTS, Seamus McCague EI8BP was elected as new President. I had the pleasure of being presented with a trophy for winning the high power portable section of the IRTS 2 metres counties contest (August 2011, joint winner) and I had the double pleasure of being elected to the new committee of the IRTS for the forthcoming year.

There was a portable radio setup at the venue in Dundalk and for a short time I operated as EI80IRTS, the special callsign to celebrate the 80th anniversary year.

Seamus EI3KE operates as EI80IRTS at the Dundalk event
The rally was particularly enjoyable because I got to meet many hams, including some whose callsigns and voices were familiar, but whose faces I didn't know before today! So it was nice to meet you all.

PS: Sorry the blog hasn't been updated too often lately. I am half way through my new book on Newgrange, which is being published in the autumn. This is keeping me very busy, and unfortunately I am doing less radio as a result.

PPS: That hasn't stopped me from working the 9M0L Spratly Islands dxpedition on six band slots!!!

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  1. Congrats on being elected to the National Society, (I.R.T.S.) Anthony, and you are doing well with the book.


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