Thursday, April 26, 2012

Latest QSL card - 7P8PB Lesotho - hand delivered!

Peter's 7P8PB QSL card, received at the Dundalk (EI7DAR) rally!

I had the utmost pleasure of bumping into Peter Ball, EI7CC, at the Dundalk rally last weekend. Peter regularly visits Lesotho in Africa, from where he operates as 7P8PB. In March, I worked him on 15m CW as a brand new country, never worked before. It was a great pleasure for me to get him into the log, particularly because he is a fellow EI giving me a brand new DXCC. Just two days later, on March 22nd, I worked him on 20m CW as a new DXCC on that band. So he gave me two slots! To receive the QSL card into my hand a month and a half later was a rare pleasure I can tell you. I worked Peter on both slots with my trusty Butternut vertical and 400 watts. Thanks again Peter for the great pleasure! PS: Peter is one of Ireland's top DXers. You will regularly see him on Clublog in the top 10 for dxpeditions.

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