Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pictures from the Coolmine radio rally

Jim EI2HJB at the Phoenix Radio Club rally in Coolmine this morning.

MI6CQS Stephen and EI4DIB Tony at the rally.

Sean EI9CBB and Michael SWL having a chat.

Ark EI9KC, Adam EI5JQ and Anthony EI2KC

Aidan EI7JC having a cuppa and a chat with Fra SWL at the Coolmine rally.

Pat EI2HX with the requisite tea mug at the rally.

Derek EI7CHB, Sean EI4IP and Ben EI4IN.

Seany EI2HZB with SWL David at the rally in Coolmine.

Thos EI2JD with harmonic TJ at the rally.

EI4DIB Tony with EI6K Thomas.
Antonio Ei2KG and Anthony EI2KC
Stephen MI6CQS shows off one of his purchases.

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