Saturday, February 16, 2013

V63ZM Micronesia makes it two new DXCC in 24 hrs

This is a short video clip showing V63ZM in Micronesia on 17 metres CW shortly after I worked him as a a brand new DXCC. His signal had actually dropped when I took this video - he was stronger when I worked him. That was DXCC #283 for me, following hot on the heels of 9U4U Burundi which I worked yesterday evening on 20m SSB as a brand new DXCC (#282). I also worked 9U4U on 17m CW and 15m SSB this morning so I now have three slots. Even without great sunspot numbers (10 metres is dead) there is still good DX to be worked on the bands.

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  1. Well Done Anthony you will be over the 300 in no time.

    I'm sure you know this but try turning off the NB and adjust the filter down to below 400hz will make the signal alot easier to RX, turning off the NB will reduce/remove all the Clicks from loud stations calling up 1.

    Lots of nice DX out there at the moment not getting much time myself but stil keeping the hand it.

    Talk later



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