Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The next target - Clipperton Island !

The next big target for DXers around the globe (excuse the pun!) is highlighted above, on my shack globe. Clipperton Island is due to come on air on Thursday, thanks to an international team which will use the callsign TX5K. Clipperton Island is the 40th most wanted DXCC according to Clublog's updated most wanted list. If I can work it, it will be a new country for me. The official DXCC designator for Clipperton is FO-C. According to the team's website, they are on schedule to land on February 27th and to begin operations as planned on 28th.

You can read more about Clipperton, an uninhabited coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean, at this link.

To all those who intend to try to work this rare entity, best of luck. See you in the pile-ups!!


  1. Now this one seems closer to home and maybe with the QRP signal I could still stand a good chance!

    1. Mike, I would say with your location you stand a good chance of working them. Especially late on in the expedition, when the pile-ups have died down. I look forward to hearing about your (hopefully successful) efforts!!


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