Thursday, October 15, 2009

CQ CQ Shortwave listeners of Ireland . . . yes you!

I have received this correspondence from Brendan Nutley EI1429 and considered it worthy of propagation.

CQ SWL’s of Ireland!!!

Recently I had a conversation with Dave Moore EI4BZ regarding the lack of Short Wave Listeners on the DXCC listing in the Echo Ireland. It turns out that up until I picked up the phone no one has enquired about it… WHAT?
I find it strange given that there is so many of us in Ireland not a soul has made this inquiry or even submitted their confirmed DXCC list?
Now I understand that we are unable to transmit, and that we have to have a “Babysitter” with us when we want to use a transceiver but “does we all know” that there are awards out there to be won? I am guessing not as I do not see SWL’s applying for the positions except one that I know of EI1588 Shauna Baynes. She won the 80m Counties SWL in June this year, with only 11 QSO’s...! “Shauna its mine next year, hands off!”
So you see it’s not tough and it would make things a little more entertaining. Every contest that has taken place this year SSB, CW, and RTTY, I have done my best to work it, and permitting that I have the good fortune to be able to have time off to sit through the entire length of the contest, I will.
Ask my XYL, it drives her mad! "Sorry Love!"
Only last week I entered the SKCC WES CW Sprint, In 24hrs I only managed to receive 12 contacts, but it earned me an SWL 2nd place and currently 33rd in the world (of SKCC Members). I am not anyway good at CW, in-fact I am appalling, but when you know the call sign of the Ham you are looking for it makes it easier to hear them, and you get the benefit of learning the sounds and how they are send, for me that is a big bonus as I have a learning difficulty.

So. . . . I want from you,
* Your name
* your call sign
* and your (Confirmed) DXCC total’s for 2009 to date

I have been told that if I manage to get “3 SWL’s” or more we will get a mention in the ‘auld Echo Ireland!
That would be nice. . . What’ a think?

Brendan Nutley
EI1429 (EI-Half-Past-Two . . . in a minute!)

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