Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The results just came. My XYL is reading them out on the phone.

Section A: 26 out of 35 - 74.29%
Section B: 12 out of 15 - 80%
Section C: 9 out of 10 - 90%

So that's not just a pass, but a good one! 60% needed in each of the three sections. My total is 78.3% (47 questions right out of 60). Brilliant. Delighted.


Needless to say I'm over the moon. I was told by Thos EI2JD today that I was the only one who doubted myself - everyone else knew I had it in me. I'm delighted with the scores, particularly with Section A where I thought I scored less. Congratulations to those who have passed and commiserations to anybody who didn't make it this time round. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Michael in Kilkenny who hasn't received word in the post today. Hopefully tomorrow Mick - good luck!

I took a slightly extended lunch break today to deliver my licence application directly to the Comreg offices. I figured with the way the post has been lately it would cut some time out of the equation. I left my completed application with a nice young lady called Aisling. Hopefully I will be on the air very soon.

Thanks to all who phoned or texted today - word travels fast - and hopefully we'll all be having nice QSOs on the air in the coming days.

I'm delighted with my scores in Section B - where I got 12 out of 15 - and Section C - where I missed just one to score 9 out of 10. I had a funny feeling I had done well in those sections. It was Section A that had me worried. But I needn't have stressed.


  1. Well done Anthony!!! Looking forward hearing you on air

  2. Thanks and looking forward to being on the air!

  3. once again anthony well done and congrats on the results,you flew it.

  4. Thanks Mick. I've got my fingers crossed for you. We will work through Waterford, I'm sure of it!

  5. Well done Anthony. Fair play to the Dundalk lads who helped you out too.

  6. Well done young man, there will be no getting away from you on the air now,I am looking forward to putting you in my log book.


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