Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wonder what callsign I will be given?

Well now that I am waiting on my new licence, my thoughts have finally come around to what callsign I will be given. After the June exam, a lot of the new callsigns were EI7 (Echo India Seven) Golf something Bravo. So I assume that Comreg fill out the EI7G's and then move onto EI8G on the basis that EI8GAB has been assigned but nothing after it. Also, everything up to EI7GZB has been assigned but no EI7Hs.

So it seems likely I will be EI8G?B and given that my application was in last Wednesday, the same day I got the results, it might seem logical to suggest I will get an early letter. So here are some of the possibilities:

EI8GBB - Echo India 8 Golf Bravo Bravo
EI8GCB - Echo India 8 Golf Charlie Bravo
EI8GDB - Echo India 8 Golf Delta Bravo
EI8GEB - Echo India 8 Golf Echo Bravo
EI8GFB - Echo India 8 Golf Foxtrot Bravo
EI8GGB - Echo India 8 Golf Golf Bravo

Do I have a preference? Not really. I'm glad just to be getting a callsign to be honest. Golf Bravo Bravo is perhaps a tad tongue-tying, while Golf Golf Bravo is nice, but really I'm just looking forward to receiving my licence and putting out some calls!!

The sunspot activity has been deplorable recently, and I kept jokingly telling my radio friends that it was waiting for me to get my licence to start lifting.

Well what do you know, there are 29 sunspots today, up from 0 two days ago, according to the Dundalk Amateur Radio Society website. Hopefully HF will get a good lift now over the winter months!


  1. Hello Anthony, congratulations! Hopefully you get one of these nice callsigns. Here in the Netherlands we're able to choose our callsign. A great advantage as we can also get the 1 letter suffix. 73 Bas

  2. Wow, lucky you guys! Ah well, even though we have no choice here, right now I am just glad to be getting on the air. Hope to work you when I do. Maybe we will arrange to talk on 40 metres some night this week?


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