Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My first (somewhat modest!) amateur station begins to take shape at home

OK, I'm giving you a world exclusive now. This is a real first for all you web surfers, amateur radio operators, short wave listeners and the general public! I'm going to give you a sneak peek at some radio equipment I've acquired for the operation of my new amateur station, for which I am just awaiting my licence in the post.

The main rig is the HF radio. It's a TS-570D from Kenwood. A nice transceiver which is a sort-of mid market product, better than an entry-level HF rig but obviously not as good as some of the bigger and more expensive models.

Above that is the Alinco DR-510 dual bander which I hope to use as my home-base 2 metre radio. Above that is the Icom IC-207 which I have a loan of from Peter EI4HX. Thanks Peter. And beside those two is my "handy", a slightly battered but very capable 5watt 2 metres handheld - the ADI AT-201.


  1. Hello Anthony, Great shack. I like the Kenwood. I think whenever my Icom 706 end its life I will buy a Kenwood too. Preferable the TS480 or TS480HX. I also got an Alinco a dualbander handheld the DJ5-GT. Well as soon as you got your callsign I would like to make a sked with you on 40m. Would be great. 73 Bas PE4BAS

  2. Thanks indeed. Ues the 480 is a nice radio too. The Kenwood has a nice, even, bassey tone on receive. Yes we should work a sked on 40m when I get up and running. As soon as I have the licence I'll post another comment - or is there a way on Blogspot that I can send you a private mail ?

  3. Hello Anthony, best time to make a QSO is in the morning between 9 - 11 UTC. So it has to be in a weekend as through the week I'm on the job. If you receive your call I suggest you make an account on qrz.com so every other radioamateur can find your information. My mail address is pe4basnospam@veron.nl (pse remove nospam). 73 Bas PE4BAS


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