Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CQing at 35wpm on CW - thankfully nobody answered!

I made this video just for the pure fun. I wasn't getting much action on 20m tonight - probably because the band was pretty much closed except for the occasional US station. So I decided to ramp up the speed of the keyer in the FT-1000MP and give it a lash. I'm not sure what speed this is, but I guess it's around 35wpm. Maybe a more experience CW OP might tell me?

I'm glad nobody came back to my call. I'd never have been able to work them at that speed! It's easy enough to send your own callsign at high speed. The challenge comes with hearing what others are sending back at the same speed, and then having a full QSO at 35wpm. No thanks. I'm not ready for that yet.

Anyhow, thanks to DL2YCK, K9ARZ in Chicago and KN2CZZ in New York for coming back to my somewhat slower call ! 73

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  1. Yawn,Yawn...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Boring CW again.... :-(


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