Monday, March 22, 2010

Just worked my 100th entity on CW

I've just worked my 100th entity on CW, and have now edged ahead of phone, on which mode I have worked 97 entities. The 100th entity was Honduras. I worked HR2/NP3D just now (22:51UT) on 17M CW. It's great to hear anything on that band at such time, but even nicer to hear something a bit rarer from across the pond.

My 99th entity, earlier this evening, was IS0AFM from Sardinia, while my 98th, at 21:27UT was TO5SM in St, Martin.

23:24 Conditions are brilliant tonight. I just worked HI3TEJ in the Dominican Republic on 20m SSB, and I'm still hearing Stateside on 17m CW.


  1. Thanks Andy. Can't believe I'm at 100 already. Band conditions have been great the past couple of weeks.


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