Saturday, March 13, 2010

Video - me working my first SSB contact into Japan

I was surprised and delighted by conditions on the bands today, particularly 17m and 15m, which were open into the Far East. I worked my first ever Japan contact, JR6AP, on 15m CW at 10.14am this morning. I was delighted. Then I worked BA1RB, same band, same mode, an hour later. He was in Beijing. At 12.18 I made contact with VR2XMT, Charlie in Hong Kong on 17m SSB. We exchanged 55 reports. At 12.16pm I worked BD5BAJ, Gao in China, on 17m SSB. I was successful with my first shout at JA3AOP, Aki in Japan, as shown in the video above. I was recording some of the Far East stations and just decided to shout and he got me first time. Needless to say I was delighted. I worked him with my Antron 99 antenna (designed for 11m - a leftover from my CB days but working extremely well) and 100 watts. Another new country today was Qatar when I worke A71CT, Sultan, at 12.33 on 17m. Tonight I worked FP5BZ, St Pierre and Miquelon, on 20m USB.

Currently it is 23:09 and I am still hearing Peru. Wow, 20m open to South America at this time. Great.

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