Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great conditions on 2 metres Sunday night

It's been an interesting evening on 2 metres. There's a nice tropo lift on and there are plenty of UK stations working into Europe. We even jumped on the bandwagon here in Echo India as myself and Tony EI4DIB both worked into Germany on 2m FM. DL1EBQ was the station, operator Thomas. Great to get my first decent "DX" contact on 2 metres.

I had a chat with a M0RDW/M who was north of Stoke on Trent and it was as if he was local. He was static mobile. He was delighted to get his first EI into the log on 2m but this was soon followed by an ON station (Belgium) so it was a great night for operator Rich too.

I even decided to try my hand at 2m CW and eventually got GI0GDF coming back to my call from Lisburn in Northern Ireland. Thanks indeed for the 599 Ernie. You are my first CW contact on 2 metres. One more to make it into the log was MI0VKO, Dave in County Fermanagh, on 2m simplex FM.

UPDATE: After I wrote the above I answered a call through the GB3MN repeater near Stockport and ended up spending an hour working various English and Welsh stations through that repeater. It was great fun. The following were all worked: 2E0MVH, M1GWM, GW6STK, M6KBY, 2E0SAF/M, M3VUO, 2E0MAS, MW3YYQ, MW3ZVB, MW3VQJ, EI7GOB (yes, an Echo India through a UK repeater!) and M3POG. Very nice to work you all under fantastic conditions. QSL cards will definitely be sent!

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  1. Hi Anthony, I think Imissed all the fun, got on the radio around 2130 to hear a static mobile station in IO82 (I'm in IO80), so in the midlands somewhere, I think he did hear me as he acknowledged the break station.

    Never heard any europe though, only FM at home, so great contacts for you.

    73 Paul.


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