Sunday, October 3, 2010

An update on propagation and the EI2KC eQSL and log standings

There was some interesting DX over the weekend and a nice increase in propagation on certain bands thanks to a Solar Flux Index that hit a high of 91 before falling again to the mid 80s where it currently languishes at 85. There was some nice propagation to Australia and New Zealand for the Oceania contest and I even managed to bag a VK on 20m where there were sustained pile-ups. He was VK4KW and I got him later on Saturday afternoon when his pile-up had thinned out somewhat. Congratulations to my near neighbour Charlie EI8JB who managed to nab a VK on 20m before getting another on 40m on a G5RV. Well done Charlie.

I tried my hand at 160m again Saturday night / Sunday morning where there were some European and Russian stations on. I nabbed two new ones - TF Iceland and OJ0 Market Reef. So I enjoyed that. One other highlight from the weekend was RI1FJ, my first Franz Josef Land (Arctic Circle) on 30m. Also on top band was the special station GM6NX/P on the Isle of Skye on SSB so that was nice too.

My eQSL tally has gone up by five countries since I last updated on that. I now have 79 countries AG. The new ones include (from memory!) Bahrain (thanks to Dave Court EI3IO/A92IO), Falkland Islands (tnx Bob VP8LP), Gabon (TR8CA), Thailand (HS0ZIN) and West Malaysia 9M2CNC who I worked on three band slots. Thanks Richard.

I thought now would be a good time to update you as to my log standings. Here's how it sits in the EI2KC log as of now:

Total DXCCs worked: 176 (of which) Phone: 126 CW: 156 RTTY: 32

160M: 12 DXCCs worked
80M: 53
40M: 100
30M: 64
20M: 128
17M: 99
15M: 81
12M: 36
10M: 30
6M: 53
2M: 9

So technically I have enough for DXCC on 20m and 40m, although I would need every card to come in for 40m! I'm almost there on 17m - just one country away - and not far off the hundred on 15m. That's not bad at all for someone who got a licence less than a year ago!

Update: It's nearly 9pm and two attempts to get 100 on 17m have failed. CV5D went QRT while I was calling him and now HK1X has just gone out with his family despite being 59 here. I wasn't able to work him through the pile-up. Damn!


  1. Congratulations Anthony, that's a very good score. Now it's waiting for the QSL to show up. I'm active on HF from the end of 2005 and have my DXCC all band. But still if I see what you worked on 17, 30 and 40m it's a lot more then me. Really good for someone that just has his license...
    I know for shure you already had some operating practise ;-). --73, Bas

  2. Bas, It's true, I had a bit of practice. On 11m! And maybe earlier last year during the EI7DAR 40th celebrations I was at the radio for a while! But other than that, not really. It's great to see the totals totting up so fast, but of course I have to slow down a bit or else I will have done it all too quickly. And where's the fun in that? hi hi!! 73


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