Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lots of activity on 12 metres, and of course there's Togo

It's been a busy week on some of the higher frequencies, in particular 12 metres, where I have worked an additional six new countries since my last update two weeks ago. One of those new countries was, believe it or not, Northern Ireland, which I worked earlier this evening on 12m CW. It was a new country for him too - MI0BPB, Andrew near Banbridge - although I had to work him straight key because I was using my old Icom IC735 to make the contact.

At the moment there's a DXpedition to Togo in Africa, 5V7TT, which is continuing until October 23rd (next Saturday). Needless to say it will be a new country for many, and they've been working fairly hefty pile-ups on various bands.

As it's not particularly distant from me, it shouldn't be too difficult to get them into the log at least a few times on various bands. I have heard them on 80m CW although they were low, and that would be a very nice band for me to work them on. In the meantime, I have caught them a few times:

ALL SSB CW RTTY CALL 160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m
34096 16392 16360 1344 14013 242 1523 3157 2016 7078 5111 7521 4641 2800 7

The above shows their status at this moment in time. Imagine being one of their seven QSOs on 6 metres? Wouldn't that be nice? Indeed it would. Looking at my own standings on their online log, I am glad to confirm that I've already worked them on four band slots - 17m CW and SSB and 15m CW and SSB. I was trying them hard on 20 metres CW this evening but the pile-up was intense and I didn't make it through with my 100 watts and vertical. :( Not this time anyhow!

Here's my latest status (with increases from last time in brackets):

Total DXCCs worked: 178 (+2) (of which) Phone: 128 (+2) CW: 159 (+3) RTTY: 32

160M: 13 DXCCs worked (+1)
80M: 55 (+2)
40M: 103 (+3)
30M: 65 (+1)
20M: 129 (+1)
17M: 104 (+5)
15M: 83 (+2)
12M: 42 (+6)
10M: 31 (+1)
6M: 53
2M: 10 (+1)

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  1. Hi Anthony, I think N. Ireland is very difficult for you to work on 12m, too nearby. I got the same problem with Denmark and Belgium.So I guess that was a very nice QSO and more difficult then to get to Italy or something. You're doing a great job hunting DXCC. 73, Bas


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