Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Latvia makes it 100 countries worked on 17 metres!

I've just worked YL2UZ, Tur, in Latvia, on 17 metres CW, which officially makes it 100 countries worked on that band. I had been at 99 for a while there but I've finally got to the century mark. Of course, it might take a while to get the 17m DXCC confirmed by QSL card. But that's another day's work!

At this moment in time I have 100 countries or more worked on three bands - 20 metres, 40 metres and now 17 metres. My next best score is 15m, where I have 81 countries worked.

Update: An hour later I worked my 101st country on 17m - Hungary!! HA5AGS was booming in on SSB. Hard to believe I hadn't got Hungary on 17m but there you go - life is full of surprises.

Update 2: A few minutes later I gave a CQ on 18.070 on CW and who was the first to come back to me? - Hungary!!!

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  1. It's great the way things are adding up.......just wait until cycle 24 kicks in full swing


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