Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a bit quiet on the bands . . .

Well it was bound to happen. I get my licence and then things go quiet. Since the Ukranian DX contest at the weekend the bands have been quiet at night. I say at night because I work during the day when I'm sure 20 metres is flying, but right now 40 is pretty quiet and 80 is not much better. I can tune my half-size G5RV on 40 and get out quite well, but on 80 I'm not getting much RF out at all, and my listening capabilites are restricted. So I'm a bit sad right now, but not to worry because I am listening on 2 metres through the Echolink gateway EI2MOG. The lads in the Skerries Radio Club (EI2NCR) are chatting with a Zulu Lima Station (ZL = New Zealand btw) and it's great to hear it.

My mind has wandered towards getting set up on 80 metres. Following some advice I've decided to experiment with a Delta Loop for 80 around the garden. I am quite restricted for space and estimate the overall length won't be much more than 60 feet, so I hope it tunes and gets me out a bit better than the half-sze G5RV.

I will let you know how I get on. Not sure when I'm going to get it set up but I am getting coax from Tony EI4DIB tomorrow and will purchase the wire also tomorrow too. So let's keep the fingers crossed that I get a half-decent bit of action on 80m. Who knows, I might be able to do a bit of listening on 160m too!

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  1. Hello Anthony, I'm planning a similair antenna for this weekend too. Though I'm feeding it with 450 ohm ladderline so I can use it for other bands as well. I've got enough room for a square loop like your picture. 73 Bas PE4BAS


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