Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Repeaters off the air?

No sooner had I announced that the EI2RCR Ridge of Capard Repeater (commonly referred to as the Waterford Repeater, even though it's nowhere near Waterford!) was back on the air, it disappeared again. I heard it from my QTH in Drogheda that evening, but unfortunately I have not heard it since. I can open it from the house but it's a bit far away for me to work effectively. Perhaps someone with a bit of authority on these things can fill me in as to what happened?

Also off air for ages now is the Dublin Three Rock repeater (EI2TRR). I had information from its keeper that it would be back up and running two weeks ago but have heard nothing since. I will keep you posted.

For those on the east coast who occasionally listen to repeaters beyond our shores, the Isle of Man repeater appears to have been silent for the past month at least. I have not heard it in ages on 145.625. If anyone has information about the status of any of these repeaters, I'd be glad to hear about it and share it with the amateur community.

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