Monday, May 21, 2012

Fabulous DX worked on RTTY and PSK31

A screenshot of my 17m RTTY QSO with Nam in South Korea
I had a wonderful night on the bands, mainly on digimodes. It started with S79RR in the Seychelles on 15m RTTY, a new one on that band. Later I worked HI8CSS, Guillermo in Dominican Republic, for a new band slot on 17 metres PSK. Then I had my first ever QSO with Japan on digital modes when JA1FVS answered my "CQ DX" call on 17m PSK31.

4Z5MX, Anatoly in Israel, also came back to the call, and I then worked HK3TK, Pepin in Bogota, Colombia, for a new band slot, also on 17m PSK.

The major highlights of the night were VR2XMT in Hong Kong on 20 metres RTTY, a new country on digi, worked on my Butternut vertical antenna, followed by DS5USH, Nam in South Korea, on 17 metres RTTY, another new band slot.

I also nabbed WL7E in Alaska on 17m RTTY, in addition to CE2WZ, David in Chile, which gave me a brand new country on digimodes on 17m PSK.

This all followed RI1ANF, in the South Shetland Islands near Antarctica, who I worked on 30 metres CW, giving me that new DXCC now on four bands.


  1. Great to see your activity on digital modes and the old telex mode. Now, next is JT65 may be, you'll be surprised....but it's different from RTTY/PSK. Great DX by the way, I like your list at the right side of you blog. 73, Bas

    1. BAS, I did install a JT65 program but found it a bit weird. I might need someone to help me with it. I am also interested in trying out some WSPR. There is some great DX to be worked on digi modes, there's no doubt.

  2. Anthony, may this help you to set up the program and to operate it.

    WSPR is only a beacon mode but can be interesting. Personally I'm trying to get my 1W WSPR beacon heard in 100 DXCC. So far I am at 67 DXCC. See:

    73, Bas


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