Sunday, May 13, 2012

A great weekend for DX despite conditions

Despite the bands not being in great shape it was a good weekend on the bands. With varying power and different antennas I managed to nab a number of DXCC on new bands and new band slots. Here is a brief summary:

C91JD in Mozambique was a highlight of the weekend
TJ3AY (Cameroon) on 17m SSB, nabbed with 100 watts after just a few calls. New band slot.
JW7XM (Svalbard) on 17m SSB, with 100 watts. New band slot.
6O0CW (Somalia) on 30m CW, 100 watts and my home brew inverted V. Rare one and new band!
HD2A (Eduador) on 20m SSB with my Butternut vertical and 300w.
VK3TC (Australia) on 40m CW. Fought through serious QRM to get him but he was nice and clear.
6O0CW (Somalia) worked again on 17m CW with just 100 watts.
AP2IA (Pakistan) on 17m SSB with 400 watts, new band slot.
3B8FA (Mauritius) on 17m SSB, with 400 watts. Weak enough but worked as a new slot!
5N7M (Nigeria) - Ivan worked me on 80m CW the other night to give me a new one on 80, and today he gave me a new band slot with 17m SSB, worked first call with just 100 watts.
C91JD (Mozambique) - I had only ever worked this country on 12m CW, so to add 12m SSB was a great pleasure. It took a while and he was weak with QSB but got me in the log after about 20 minutes' calling.
E40VB (Palestine) - sat listening for ages on 12m SSB and he finally came out of the noise. I worked him 1st call with 400 watts. New band slot!
6O0CW (Somalia) was worked again, this time on 17m SSB, giving a new band slot!

UPDATE!!! RI1ANF (VP8-H South Shetland Islands) Heard quite well on 17m so I gave it a try. The pile-up got big very quick so he went split, and I was the second person to work him on the split. VP8-H is a brand new DXCC for me, country number 261!

RI1ANF (VP8-H South Shetland Islands) Soon after working him on 17m CW he was QRV on 20m CW. I worked him after a while with my Butternut vertical. New country on 20m!!!!!

Another highlight of the weekend was working CT3NA in Madeira on 6 metres. That was DXCC number 57 for me on that band !


  1. Good Job Anthony, I did hear some of those DX this weekend but was not able to make any QSO to these. 73, Bas

    1. Bas, it was one of those weekends. A lot of good DX popped up on the bands while I was at the radio. A lot of luck involved !

  2. Great to hear about your adventures on the bands Anthony!! It's funny on your side things are happening but on this side of the pond conditions also are not that great and so are the lack of contacts. Great work.

    1. Mike, hang in there! Believe it or not conditions weren't that great here either. 10m was pretty dead except for the occasional South American station. 17 metres has long been a good band for me. The MA5B is just a rotary trap dipole on that band but seems to get out very well . . .


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