Wednesday, May 23, 2012

VK9PN Lord Howe Island on the air

A mini dxpedition to Lord Howe Island has begun today. This rare entity in the Pacific is being activated by three operators for the duration of one week under the callsign VK9PN. They will operate on CW and SSB on all bands from 160 metres to 10 metres.

The main ops are Patrick VK2PN and Mira OK1NG and they will later be joined by Chris VK3FY for the CQ WPX CW contest.

For more information on this exciting dxpedition, visit their website:

Thankfully, I already have this rare DXCC in my log, having been just one of two EIs to have worked VK9OL last year.


  1. Hi Anthony, it seems strange but Lord Howe Isl. was one of the easiest DXCC to get on 11 Mtrs in the nineties. I guess there was more interest in CB at that time on the Island. 73, Bas

    1. LOL, that's ironic alright Bas. It is now 70th most wanted DXCC on Clublog out of 340. I suppose it's probably not that rare in the scheme of things. Unfortunately I did not enjoy a long spell of DXing on 11m like others :(


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