Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dipping in and out of CQWW contest

I spent a bit of time in the CQWW Phone contest over the weekend, but not in a major competitive way because there were other things to be done HI HI! But I enjoyed my time on the bands, where I managed to chalk up 575 QSOs over four bands. I spent about two hours on Saturday and a good deal more on Sunday notching up contacts. I concentrated on 10 metres, where I reckon I also nabbed a few new DXCC. There were some nice ones to be worked, including VP9, VP5, HI, TI, YN HK and more. Nabbed Australia on 10 metres too which is always nice.

The Icom IC-756PRO is very handy for contesting because I can record four different snatches of audio for use in CQWW. Slot 1 was "Echo India Two Kilo Charlie" for calling DX stations. Slot 2 was "Five Nine One Four" for the exchange, while slots 3 and 4 were CQ slots for when I was sitting on a frequency. 10 metres was very lively over the weekend and it was great to hear it in such good condition. Long may it last!


  1. Loving the activity sMurph, laughin though at your dippin in and out, with a grand total of 575 in comparison to my 57 (which is exactly 10% by the way) if that is your dippin, Id hate to see your contesting, bet your an unreal DXing machine hahaha, great article

    1. Lisa, I am hoping to give CQWW CW a good blast, and by that I mean staying at the radio as much as possible. Hopefully I will be able to break the 1,000 mark!! But we will see. I hope your QSOs were good ones. If they were, that's all that matters!!


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