Monday, October 22, 2012

The Icom IC-756 PRO - what a beauty!

I wanted to take a striking picture of this beautiful rig which has recently been added to the shack. I hope this does it justice. I have greatly enjoyed using this rig so far. It not only looks great, but it performs brilliantly too.


  1. Pre2 on 30m WOW you must have some quiet noise floor there Anthony ;-)
    Best of luck with the new rig I love my Pro2, how do you find it against the FT1K,
    I need to get another DX quality rig as I want to move towards SO2R in contest's and would be interested to hear how the FT1K stacks up against the Icom.


    1. LOL, I am laughing here Trevor. I noticed afterwards that I had the split on, with a lower QRG on VFO2!!! Never mind. I wasn't operating the radio at the time, just trying to show it off. I now have two really nice rigs, and even an IC746 thrown in too!

  2. Very nice rig and I have heard nothing but praise about this lineup from Icom. Very nice shot of the rig as well.

    1. Yes Mike, it's really nice and lovely to use too.

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