Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some time on the air as EI80IRTS

The Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and as a result the special callsign EI80IRTS has been on the air since January 1st. I was recently asked by Ger EI4GXB and Thos EI2JD if I would consider operating on CW as EI80IRTS.

Since I now have an interface that can key my radio, the ICOM IC-756PRO, I decided I would give it a go. Over the past three days I have logged about 700 QSOs, a great majority of which were made with just 100 watts. The higher bands have been in great shape.

Much of my time was spent on 10m and 12m, early in the mornings for Asia and Pacific and late in the evenings for North America. I have had Australia, Japan and Singapore in the log in the mornings and lots of west coast USA in the evenings. I am using N1MM logger to log the calls.

I am very happy with my rate when there is a pile-up, but with changing band conditions, it's not always possible to have a pile-up!! I was running at 32wpm, which is a bit on the hot side, but I want to get used to going along at a good pace because I want to start taking part in more CW contests.


  1. Good morning Anthony, I will say that 32 WPM is on the hot side for sure. I practice each morning for about 15 minutes at those speeds and a little faster. I could never have a QSO at that speed but as for contesting it's not to bad. I find what helps is you kinda know what is coming at you in a contest in regards to content and that helps. I have never been involved in a pileup before but that in itself can get very hairy at times. Great work and good luck with the call and the pileups. Maybe see you in one of the up coming CW contests!!

    1. Mike, it's fast alright, but most of those who called me were able to handle it. I did have to QRS for a few but I think generally once they know who it is that's working the pile, all they are listening for is their own callsign. I want to build proficiency for CW contesting and anything less than 25wpm is too slow I think . . . great fun though at high speed!!

  2. Hi Anthony !
    Thanks for last missing slots for EI ! Short skip conditions from SW France to EI are not easy while worldwide openings are going on... ;)
    Keep the good work on air and on the blog !
    Chris F8DZY.


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