Friday, October 12, 2012

New cards in: Ogasawara and Minami Torishima

I am delighted to have received these two QSL cards recently. The one on the left is from JD1 Minami Torishima for our QSO on 17m CW, a brand new country for me when I worked him. On right is a card from JD1BMH in Ogasawara, another new DXCC when worked. These are both islands in the Pacific which are controlled by Japan, but count as separate DXCC.


  1. Anthony.....way cool wall paper!!

    1. Yes, and then I got VP6T Pitcairn Island in the post today!! Anything cooking on QRP Mike? I hear lots of QRPs in the pile-ups here

    2. Well Anthony, to be honest QRP and op's in general have taken a back seat. I have the newly arrived KX3 and have been fooling around with it. Getting it all setup and calibrated. So this past week the K3 and KX3 have not made a single contact. The propagation has been up and down as well. I hope this week to get back on the air and make some contacts.


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