Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lots happening - where do I start? !

There's been lots happening since I blogged the other day. The IRTS 2 metres contest was held on Sunday. I made a terrific 36 QSOs, more than double my score in the same contest earlier in the year. Of course,  this time I had certain advantages - a W300 antenna, a multimode rig and 160 watts of power! But overall I was thrilled with the reception.

Yesterday I worked a station in Wales on simplex. Nice.

This evening I overheard some English stations, including a gentleman mobile on the M6 motorway near Birmingham, coming in at between 57 and 59 on the same frequency as the Dundalk Repeater (EI2CCR), 145.675. This evening I will do a test with a couple of hams in Newry to see how well I can pick them up.

Digimodes have been working out well. I have made 56 QSOs on both PSK and RTTY so far. My best yet was Sudan on 15m RTTY. The station was ST2AR who I have worked on other modes and bands. I also got some nice stations in the Caribbean including Puerto Rico and PJ2 (Bonaire, Curacao), TI (Costa Rica, who gave me a new AG eQSL country!!) and some USA and Canada stations. Really enjoying it. Looking forward to getting more DX there. And I have been running no more than 50 watts, and in some cases less.

There has been a limited amount of CW and SSB. My most notable contacts there were YC1BJX on 20m CW on the 28th of August,  and 5H3ME in Tanzania on 15m CW. That's a new country for me, so I will QSL direct with the card some time in the coming weeks. I worked JH6CDI in Japan the previous day on 17m SSB. And last week I managed to get Argentina into the log on just 50 watts through my longwire on 40 metres. On the same day I picked up West Malaysia - 9M2TO - on 30m CW.

Right now I am off to do some testing with the boys in Newry on 2 metres. I will let you know how that goes. In the meantime, I will see/hear you on the bands!!



  1. Hi Anthony, you will notice that the amount of eQSL replies is about 90% on digital modes, at least that is my experience. Much better as SSB/CW replies. It has probabely something to do with the computer which is already used, most of the digital operators send their eQSL automatically when they made a QSO. Good luck experimenting on 2m. 73, Bas

  2. Anthony I wish I could brag about doubling my contest score!! What rig were you using? As for the digi modes I can remember having a Yaesu FT-857 in my bedroom with the Miracle Whip and laptop pumping out 10 watts and getting into Europe. You gotta love the digi modes for low power and max distance.

  3. Bas, Indeed I have noticed that I get a lot of digimode eQSLs very quickly. I got Costa Rica as a new country the other night about one minute after I had finished the QSO! Any idea if I can send eQSL automatically using LOGic 8?

    VE3WDM, Yes I have been enjoying these modes and I even ran on 25 w to see what stations I could work and I did well. I heard Vanuatu YV0VK the other night on 20m PSK but he was extremely weak and disappeared when stronger waterfalls became visible.

  4. Hi, Have a go on 2m or 70cm with a horizontally polarised antenna - you will do much better on SSB and EIs are always popular on 2m. Have listen during the UKAC contest (first Tusday of every month) as there is alwaysl loads of activity in the UK. 73, Steve M0BPQ


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