Saturday, August 28, 2010

My first foray into digital modes PSK31 and RTTY

It had been discussed for long enough. It was finally time. Months had passed and still it hadn't happened. Finally, EI2KC was going digital!

In the beginning, God created SSB. And it was good.
Then he created CW. And that was exceedingly good.
On the third day God created PSK31, RTTY and other digital modes.

And when EI2KC looked on these wonderful creations, and beheld them, and enjoyed them, he was exceedingly happy.

Indeed such was his delight that he worked 32 digital contacts in the first day and a half.

On PSK and RTTY I worked many European stations but also North America and Canada and even Puerto Rico, all on 50 watts. The new Signalink USB is working a treat! It's a great way of operating. I can mute the sound with headphones so that the noise is not there constantly. The great thing about digi is that it's all visual - you read everything on the screen. And it's not too difficult to operate either. I got the hang of it fairly quickly.

I will keep you posted as to how I get on.


  1. Good morning Anthony,
    Yes RTTY is great and for the longest time I was into contesting big time with RTTY. The tests are very well attended. Yes and both modes are great as you can do lots with little power. If you are able to do FSK type RTTY you will be able to use the filters on your rig, that for sure comes in handy during contests. I use the Rigblaster pro for my interface. Anyway have fun with the new discovered area of ham radio.

  2. Hi Anthony, great you discovered digital modes at last. But be carefull it is very adicting. 73, Bas

  3. Hi Anthony, I find I use the digi modes when the propogation is not so good, for me you get more for your money, however you dont need 50 watts, try some qrp levels, also check out PSK reporter on - it's very addictive, and you'll be surprised at just where you are being heard.

    73 Paul.


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